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Classical singers are often told the perfunctory concern in performance is to produce sound rather than engage in story and point of view. "Its all about the voice!"
Recent musical theater teaching has focused on throwing away the song completely for the sake of drama. "It's all about the acting!"
The truth is: those being hired have a great balance of BOTH. 
by producing great performances with a true FUSION of acting and singing through sustained storytelling.
in an environment of performers from all mediums of song (classical, musical theater, and pop/rock) to find your own unique artistry.

FALL 2024


September 17

October 1, 15 & 29

November 12 & 26


7:30pm - 10:30pm
text (212) 749-0395 for info or to book

Limited to 14 Performers
Timothy León, Accompanist

Zeffin helped me change my voice and performance style completely for the better! I had been studying musical theatre and operatic singing for nearly a decade when I met him and I learned more about my voice in the first month of lessons with him than I did in the years prior. He has an enthusiasm and passion for singing that is infectious and apparent in all of his students. And his way of explaining vocal technique is simple and easy to understand even for a beginner. If you're serious about singing and improving your voice, then Zeffin is a great choice for a teacher!

- Annalise Staudt

Shortly after finding Zeffin, my daughter started getting cast in shows! He has a way of working with children to bring out the best in them in a very natural way. He asks probing questions, makes them think about each scene and character and truly has a gift for working with young talent. My daughter has learned so much and grown in her acting ability. He is a great resource for all kinds of questions about the business. We are so glad we found him.
- Angie Wagner
Studying with Zeffin is a true joy and and creatively inspiring experience. Learning from such a gifted and experienced singer/actor who really knows the demands and expectations of having a high profile operatic career is an invaluable experience. With the positive environment he provides through his uniquely original feedback, I feel I can push myself and explore the music I am singing without thoughts of self-consciousness or doubt that I have been struggling with in the past. Due to his immense enthusiasm about singing and acting Zeffin has been instrumental in helping me break old habits and build confidence. I heartily recommend Zeffin for any student interested in growing as a performer, artist and musician.
- Hana Chelberg

Coming from a very unsuccessful experience with a previous voice teacher, Zeffin put me right, right away. Over the three years I have spent studying with him, I have felt my voice grow and become more secure in itself. Zeffin's technique teaches to play on the intricate connections between voice, body, mind, and sound. Now that I understand the physicality involved in singing properly, I know I'll never go back to my "old ways." It's strange to say, but I feel physically stronger and healthier after every lesson. As a guy and classical singer, I feel Zeffin's instruction is perfect for me. I've found Zeffin to be an incredible mentor and role model, and I know I'll have trouble trusting anyone else to achieve in me what he has. - Eli Labinger

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